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The bloated winter seems to have made us forget how to wear thin and comfortable clothes in warm weather. We see handsome guys wearing their t-shirt, shorts and slippers when it is summer. However, how can we be handsome in spring and summer? There is a large knowledge of it.
A Black leather with a white T-shirt
The black leather jacket with a pure white t-shirt is the most classic tough guy style. The most important thing is that the leather jacket must fit, not too long or too big.

The classic black leather jacket is the most suitable, which had avoided the popular shoulder leather jackets of the 1970s and 1980s. A pure leather jacket that with a solid fabric can be worn for many years. As for the T-shirts, we only need it fit cleanly if you insist on, you can try on with round neck.
Sweatshirts with Baseball Jacket and Slim Jeans

Thin sweatshirts are very suitable for the transition between spring and summer. There are many colors in the sweatshirts. You can choose your favorite color, but if you get a solid color, that will be better. Of course, the easiest way to match is that white, black or gray.
A jean should be fitness which makes it easy to look leggy and neat, you can match your jeans with a sneaker which is suitable for a date.
A white shirt with a thin knit sweater

If you want to look gentle and smart with simple and comfortable. The most suitable match should be a shirt with a knit sweater. As a classic college style, this collocation has always been sought after by people.
The color of the knit shirt is best used in light colors which will look simple and natural, make these with a fitness casual pant and a brogue boot, you will be no one but a gentleman.

A Short-sleeved shirt with shorts

Short-sleeved shirts with shorts should be the most classic summer outfit. In the sunny season, you can choose dark colors without being monotonous, and try some bright colors and combinations that you like.
And the shirt still has to fit, which will look more energetic. The length of the shorts should not exceed the knee length. It’s best to wear a simple loafer shoe.
A dark blue leisure West assembly gray wool trousers

If other collocations look too casual and you want to be a little bit formal, then a dark blue casual suit immediately rises in both visual age and maturity.
Dark blue casual suits with fitted gray wool trousers are the most suitable business casual style.
A Denim jacket with khaki pants

A denim jacket is almost a must-have for every man’s wardrobe, but people are often tangled up. What kind of trousers should be matched with? Many people think of denim jackets and jeans, but this way of matching is difficult to grasp, even if the influx of people or handsome, does not work.
So with khaki trousers, with the blue of the jeans to form a distinction and contrast, it looks more coordinated. At this time, casual shoes or sports shoes are no problem.
Did the buddies have been eager to open their wardrobes and blew their clothes? Just do it.

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