What Is The Difference Among Men’s Garments Sizes

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Nowadays, Shopping online becomes an important part of our life, whether you are a guy or a lady, you may have experiences in shopping online. The online shopping brings us a lot of conveniences which you can get your favorite clothes when you are at home, only need to wait for them to reach. However, we often confused about the sizes. So it is necessary to know about the size knowledge. So, what is the difference between size S and size M? Today, Let’s learn something about this.

Generally, we could find that garments are divided into S codes, M codes, L codes, and even XL codes. So, what is the difference between men’s s-code and m-code? But how much do these sizes differ? Do you know that the size of many manufacturers are not uniform and there will be cases of oversize or undersize? Whatever it is oversize or undersize, we need to know that difference between size S and Size M.

Here is an approximate about the difference between men’s s-code and m-code.
L means large size, m means medium size, s means small size, xL means extra large size, and xxL means extra large size; 1 means suitable for people with a height of 1.5 meters; 2 suits people with a height of 1.55 meters. Analogously, 3 represents 1.6 meters, 4 represents 1.65 meters, 5 represents 1.7 meters, 6 represents 1.7 meters, 7 represents 1.8 meters, and 8 represents 1.85 meters; Y represents a difference of 16 centimeters from the waist circumference, YA represents a difference of 14 centimeters, and A indicates A difference of 12 cm, AB indicates a difference of 10 cm, B indicates a difference of 8 cm, BE indicates a difference of 4 cm, and E indicates little difference.
However, this data is only for reference. Different manufacturers have different editions. The design of different clothes can also cause differences. So for size, it is still based on the description and measurement data of the merchant.

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