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Are you still think that only a fat man has trouble in dressing? Definitely no, some people who are slim are also had trouble in dressing. Actually, slim guys are more inferiority. They want to be strong and healthy look. Today we will talk about how to dress when you are a slim guy.
1, There are no more than three colors on your body
It is the common principle than you should dress yourself in three colors at most, no matter you are fat or thin, girls or boys. Without more colors, you will not make people feel dazzling no matter how you dressed, and it can also remain your calm and with a low profile. You can try some white, gray, dark coffee, dark blue, brown, black and so on.

2, Never choose an oversized clothes
Some people may think that hip-hop style street style is suitable for thin people, but a lot of experiences tell us that an oversized clothing will not make you look strong, it will only make people feel thinner. Of course, if you are a hip-hop style fans, you can just ignore my suggestion. The same is true for trousers. If you are thin and wearing some crotch pants, you will look weird when you are outside
You could try some comfortable casual trousers or some straight jeans, which will make you look sunny.

3, Clothing fabric is very important
Do not choose the silk fabric. The silky, slippery dress that can be worn to reveal the chest muscles which is sexy. In autumn and winter, you can choose some knit sweaters and shirts to keep warm and temperament.
An MA-1 jacket with a slim waist and ribbon culf is suitable for you.

4, Some patterns will be good
Large stripes (not too much), increase the visual width, jacquard knitting, large patterns on the chest, large plaid shirts (preferably a bit more atmospheric). Here emphasize the stripes, be sure to choose a wide interval, or large. The kind of dense and delicate, small family gas full, and was thin!

5, Concave scarfs
A scarf is a single product that can be used all year round. The slim-looking boys can relax their choice of scarves without worrying about catching a scarf that is too bloated. You can choose printed scarves, knitted scarves, cashmere scarves, etc. The method of wearing can be half hidden, or it can be wrapped around the neck.

Slim male students do not choose to design cumbersome, overweight shoes. I will not recommend platform shoes to you, as if you are walking with a brick. You can choose round shoes with lighter styles like brogue shoes, low-cut Martin shoes, and some classic sneakers. Make sure you will not choose a patent leather shoe, and you can try some low-key style like suede, medallion, lacing-up or a loafer.

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