What’s The Difference Between Spring and Autumn Styles for Men’s Wear?

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Each season comes with some fashion secrets. So, unique styles can be adopted on the basis of some cool rules. Just with some little efforts, you can solve the most common spring and autumn weather wardrobe myths. If spring is a magical season of fashion than autumn is for a cool decent look.  Seasonal changes have a significant effect on the style of clothing. Spring season causes the change of clothing from heavy to light stuff because the weather is not hot enough to wear summer light t-shirts, also it is not cold enough to wear winter stuff. While on the other hand autumn demands heavy dark color stuff with additional layering.

Spring season clothing rules:

To make the things more clear, these are some clothing styles and rules which you can adopt in spring such as

Lighter stuff:

Inspite of the cold nights and moderate days, you cannot wear cable winter sweater, warm wool blazers and other heavy winter stuff in Spring. Spring is meant for special men style by using unlined blazers, cotton stuff and lightweight denims. You can make a contrast of light blue color denims with bright cotton shirts. If you want to wear a linen shirt then use a t-shirt under it to protect yourself from chilly waves.

Bright colors are for spring:

Spring is a colorful season in which most of the men styles demand a colorful combination. When the sun shines, these styles will brighten up your look, so adapt your elegant style by using some colorful prints, blue jeans and unique design of graphics.


Spring is the best time to enjoy all the creative styles of winter men clothing by using 3 layers of comparatively light stuff without taking tension about the heat and humidity of summer. You can create a very stylish layered outfit by using the cotton as the first layer because it is breathable for spring season. Then light lining wool stuff with less weight is a better choice to lighten up your look.

Breathable button-ups:

Spring is the season to use linen or cotton breathable stuff when you want your button-ups. You can get a huge variety of prints and bright colors in these shirts.

Cotton sweaters:

Without feeling irritated in Spring, cotton sweaters can be adapted perfectly for layering because they keep you cool and breathable. Spring is not a time to wear all those heavy wool sweaters because cotton sweaters provide good insulation for Spring inspite of its thinness. Neutral colors like mushroom, classy grey or soft blue are the best colors to choose from. It will look great with Chukka boot or penny loafer which also goes well with jeans.

Demin Jackets:

Spring gives a warm come back to Demin jackets. In Spring the washed and distressed shades give a best casual look while the dark shades suits are best for a serious appearance. Usually, denim jacket looks great with a jeans pant and sneakers which keep you warm and fresh in Spring.


Autumn clothing rules:

Autumn clothing styles and rules are completely opposite of the spring styles like


In autumn the layering starts with a thin layer of a lightweight t-shirt which is followed by a knitwear or overshirt. The overcoat can choose to wear in autumn but it’s optional because still the weather is not too much cold to wear it.


Knits are the best part for the cuddly but rugged autumn look. Thin smooth knits instead of a bulky stuff are best for layering as discussed above. These structures keep the body warm and there are lots of options for knitwear i.e. half zip mock neck, sweater vest, cardigans with a regular collar, wool sweaters, and turtlenecks.

Autumn special colors:

Each season is associated with some special colors for men style. There are some unique colors which should be present in your wardrobe during autumns such as navy, olive green, brown, burnt orange and burgundy.

Dark or colored Demin:

Autumn is the season to protect yourself from the starting of the cold season. The dark denims are the best choice to keep yourself warm without making a compromise with style.


Autumn can be considered as a flannel weather if you do not want to wear a coat. The sophisticated flannel with small patterns and dark shades will look amazing if it is paired up with a less deep colored v neck or a simple jacket. From multi-tonal plaid to two color checks it looks best in autumn without breaking any season rule.

Camel Coats:

Camel is an expensive and luxurious looking color which feel nice to wear. Autumn is a season for dark black or grey coats in wool stuff but camel coat will give you an elegant and stylish look. If you want to follow the great autumn rules then try to switch your traditional black coat to neutral camel coat to adopt an amazing style.


Autumn is the time to through away your old white sneakers to start the use of rainy and cold weather stylish boots. These boots are waterproof, more functional and give you a perfect look in Autumn.


Fashion keeps to change with trends flux and season but men clothing style is a different thing. Each season has some basic rules to solve the different mysteries of men clothing style. Without compromising the weather’s condition, a man can look elegant and stylish. These general principles will help to keep your wardrobe to look sharp in all season.

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